Etiquette for Athletes

Baseball playerEquipping student athletes to succeed both on and off the court/field is a job for more than just the coach and professor. Many dedicated people give of themselves to build confidence and an attitude that says, “I believe in myself.”

One area that The Etiquette Academy aids in developing the student athlete to be successful after their life in sports is by presenting practical information to take the skills they have developed, the dedication, and the mind of team work and transferring that to their career. With fewer than 5% of student athletes playing on the professional level, most will begin using their degree earned during their four plus years at the university level. To aid in establishing that professional career after college, an etiquette presentation gives the proper tools to promote the success of the student athlete.

Jacqueline’s desire is to give students that extra edge to land their dream job by being able to outclass their competition in the job market. Student athletes are used to competition on a different level. With the skills learned through an etiquette presentation, now they will be able to succeed in the job market as well.

It is also in the best interest of the university to offer such training to the student athlete while being that high profile representative of the school. By having an etiquette presentation to all the student athletes, the university has put the focus on proper conduct, especially while wearing the uniform and reinforcing the importance being young ladies and gentlemen.

The Etiquette program was conducted for our student-athletes. The program helped to provide proper etiquette tools regarding the awareness of detail, stressing that the “little things” can make a difference. Some of the points that were covered included dress, gram gaffes, social skills, and interpersonal skills. The program helped to enhance the student-athletes self confidence as well as better prepare them for the future (job interviews, university and athletic functions, banquets, etc). The program presented a variety of techniques which included appropriate hand shake, correctly introducing oneself, and body language.

In addition to the above program, a hands-on dinning experience was offered for student-athletes. Student-athlete were taught about the techniques of seating, small talk, on the interview skills, the menu, when to order, table setting and proper utensil use. The student-athletes enjoyed a 3 course meal that was presented by professionals.

I would recommend this program for students and student-athletes alike. It provides a solid basis of information and techniques on etiquette in various situations that we all face at one point or another. Something so simple can make a huge difference.

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