Missouri State University Athlete Dinner November 2006


 On behalf of the Missouri State University Soccer team, I want to thank you for the outstanding presentation you did regarding proper etiquette and behavior. Student-athletes, and for that matter college kids in general are constantly in situations where they have never been taught how to act and properly carry themselves. The players enjoyed the session and more importantly learned to be more comfortable in social and business settings. Thank you and keep up the great work!

 Jon Leamy
Head Coach
Missouri State University
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Student Comments:

"Absolutely, I thought it was very good"  Student-Athlete, M Golf

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"I thought the seminar was very beneficial.  I learned many things about going on job interviews that will help in the future.  Examples:Waiting to be told where to sit; Always carry your drink in your left hand; The person with least rank always introduces the person with higher rank."  Student-Athlete, Softball

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"I really enjoyed the etiquette dinner.  Not only was a good dinner provided but I learned about menu selection, sitting, conversation, use of utensils, ordering of drinking, etc.  Definitely something for future use and when on job interviews.  Some great pointers were given and I learned a few things."  Student-Athlete, Baseball

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"I thought the etiquette meeting was pretty good. She was a pretty interesting speaker and kept my attention the whole time. I liked the time length of it too; I thought an hour was a good length. I think it is a good one to keep doing because it had a lot of good info that some people probably don't think about." Student-Athlete, Softbal