Our Mission

Boy and mother at dinner tableWhen we take the time to extend ourselves to others, whether it be holding a door or sending a thank you note, it is an investment- an investment in someone else that says ‘you matter to me’.  Learning how to navigate relationships with others is an investment of your time and giving of yourself.  In today’s fast paced world, sometimes we forget to exercise using those manners that help to build relationships with the people around us.  It makes us feel appreciated and respected when others are courteous. 

 The Etiquette Academy is committed to helping you succeed and excel in building a positive work environment by teaching the awareness of etiquette and protocol standards.  Anyone can look great on a resume’, but it’s your manners that will ultimately come into play when you get a job or an advancement. 

 Through training seminars and tutorials, The Etiquette Academy can assist in providing you or your company the tools needed to enhance your professional image, strengthen relationships and become the best that you can be. Mrs. Rogers will help to develop a program tailored to fit the specific needs you have. Programs are available for individuals or groups. Whatever you’re looking for, The Etiquette Academy can help to provide you with the tools to maximize your potential.

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